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Blackjack cheaters

If you are interested in reading about talented and professional blackjack cheaters, you are highly welcome to read this article. These players did not cheat in any online casino but they managed to win big money playing in land casinos.

Roulette cheaters

It is not easy to be a cheater, but it is even more complicated to be a roulette cheater. Read about gamblers who managed to win using illegal devices and methods in this famous game of chance.

Land-based casino

Land casinos are the oldest betting houses in the gambling industry. They have lots of attractions that are highly appreciated by gamblers all over the world. Read and get to know many unknown facts.

Poker cheaters

Poker is played worldwide. This complicated game of skill attracts more and more players offering big winnings. This caused the appearance of dishonest players wishing to get money illegally. Read carefully.

Online vs Land casino

Are you looking for the best place to gamble? Do not know what casino to choose? This article is definitely for you. Learn about the pros and cons of land and online gaming and decide what is better for you.

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The peculiarities of hand mucking

Hand mucking

The hand mucking is one of the cheating methods at card games generally used by cheaters. First of all is a procedure of mucking cards in case those being discarded that helps to ensure nobody can read the cards that referred to folded hand. Hand mucking also means a sleight of hand so it cannot be difficult for professional blackjack cheaters, for instance. This method implies the card concealing and retention of the last with a purpose to use it in further when a situation at the table becomes advantageous.

How is it work?

Long time ago when casino security had nothing to do with numerous cases of scam provided by smart alecks the hand mucking was the most popular method to cheat. Everything a dishonest player had to do was to remove a certain card carefully from the game table. After this discreet movement the card is hidden in player's sleeve or pocket, but more frequently under the table (using fastening devices).

As the result, that card could be inserted in the game at any favourable for the player moment. Thus, the cheater always had an advantage over other players. For instance, speaking of online blackjack, a cheater could easily remove and hide an Ace by means of hand mucking. So when the Ace was necessary for Blackjack the card magically appeared in his hands.

Dead method of today

Hand mucking as a method of cheating is rather primitive. Without any doubt it worked perfectly many years ago at casinos but at present days the players at the table are more attentive and casino security system can control almost every wrong movement of players. Moreover, the technique is really old and it would be stupid to use it today as everybody is well-informed with the way it performed. Besides all casino employees including dealers at the tables and pit bosses walking around are good trained and can easily recognize such movements.


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