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Home Roulette cheatersCharles Wells

Charles Wells - a roulette star

The mystery man

Should we start with a point that Charles Wells was the incredibly famous player among all gamblers of his time and contemporary representatives of gambling world due to the way he dealt with casino roulette? Or maybe with a fact that his name will be always connected with something mysterious and legendary in our consciousness?

A native townsman of London East Side, Charles was born in 1841. But who cares about the biography when everybody knows that he was the 'man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo'?! By the way, there is an opinion that Wells was inspired by this song written by Fred Gilbert. Moreover, Charles was a real man about town and every single time he entered some of London clubs the music changed into the song The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo

1981 was the year of glory for Charles Wells, a year he left a mark in a history of casino. Playing at casino in Monte Carlo the gambler managed to broke the bank at roulette astounding twelve times!! He turned approximately £ 4000 into one million francs. And was only a beginning of Wells feats. A lot of investigators were striving for revealing his secret system or cheating methods, but further Charles made one more million in a course of three days.

Any other casino gambler never could to the same Charles Wells did at the roulette table though there were many people who watched him and many gamblers who gathered around his table and eagerly caught every his movement or action. Wells said that only one thing that most of gamblers don't have adequately is courage.

During his next trip to Monte Carlo in 1892 Wells sailed Palais Royal, a sumptuous yacht with Joan Burns that kept his company. He persuaded everybody that he arrived to do some stuff for his new business connected with steamships. However, that time he broke the bank six times!

The streak of bad luck

That was the last time he cheated successfully. Actually his streak of luck changed into the opposite: Wells lost all money and his business failed. Then in Le Havre Charles was arrested and extradited to his country. Old Bailey was the place of the imprisonment where he spent 8 years for scam. There were rumors that one of the most influential people of Britain was cheated by Wells to the sum of $ 150 000.

Numerous imprisonments

After release the cheater changed his name and decided on further tricks at casinos. However, very soon he was arrested once again and was ought to spend three years in prison. With a lapse of time he went to France where provided scam and cheated many people so he was imprisoned more for 5 years.

One of the greatest cheaters of roulette machines died in 1926 in Paris. He was penniless by that time and his secrets died with him. Gambling experts still addle their brain with the way he did that and all gamblers still recall his name as one of the most mystery and talented cheaters.


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