Cheating at blackjack

Cheating at blackjack

Blackjack is highly famous card game of skill. It is played worldwide in every land as well as at online casinos. Many gamblers are mastering their playing abilities and trying to succeed in the game. Despite the fact that blackjack is rather complicated and tricky game to play, lots of professional blackjack players manage to cheat. How are they doing this? What kinds of cheating methods exist? Read this article to find this out at best slots club!

Cheating at poker

Cheating at poker

Poker is one of the most interesting and fashionable games played all over the globe. There is something special about this game. Lots of poker tournaments are held in many countries. They are very popular among advanced players. The most skilled gamblers win huge amounts of money. But how do they do that? Do they cheat? Well, in order to find out whether it is possible to use cheating techniques in poker, you should read this article which reveals all secrets.

Cheating at roulette

Cheating at roulette

Do you agree that there is something special about roulette both in land and online casinos? The spinning wheel, the sound of ball landing in the pocket, the eye-catching table layout...Well, this game of luck attracts lots of players around the world! No weird that some of them are trying to cheat during the play. But is it really possible? What illegal activities can be used in the game that depends on chance only? The answers to these and even more question can be found in this article.

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Blackjack cheaters

Even though online blackjack is considered to be one of the most difficult games, there are advanced players that managed to cheat and actually "beat the dealer". Who are they? How did they do that? Interested? Then start reading immediately!

Roulette cheaters

If you believe that cheating in roulette is a myth, you should read this article featuring the most innovative ways of roulette cheats. Find out the most successful cheaters but keep in mind that such actions are illegal.

Cheating methods

Every casino game has its own peculiarities and requires different methods of playing. The most skilled players find various ways of cheating. These illegal actions are well-thought and impress their variety.

Richard Marcus

For some players gambling is much bigger than just a kind of entertainment. Richard Marcus is known worldwide by inventing his own way of cheating. What is more, it was highly effective! Read to know more!

Past posting

Love playing roulette? Tired of losing? Looking for advanced method that will allow you to win more? Past posting is what you need. If you want to know the main idea of this cheating method, read and learn, but remember that it is illegal.

Cheating Tips

Be skilled and professional player with deep knowledge of all rules and strategies.

Be aware of security measures taken against cheating in land and online casinos.

Know the cheating methods, practise using them, master skills and do it carefully!

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Cheating metods

Past Posting

You don't believe that cheating in roulette is possible? Well, this article will make you change your mind as it reveals all the secrets of illegal tricks with chips, called past posting!

Card Marking

Looking for information about one of the oldest cheating techniques when playing blackjack? Read carefully and get to know all the secrets and hidden dangers.

Top Hatting

The most skilled roulette players often use this kind of cheating method to increase their winnings. Find out the main idea of this difficult trick with chips.

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We are glad to welcome you at the interesting and truthful site dedicated to successful land and online casino cheaters. Why did we choose tis subject? Well, gambling has gained worldwide popularity and not all players are honest and not all of them are playing fair. And of course, the issue of cheating interests not only those, who want to try it, but also those, who just want to know all the secrets of the casino gambling and different ways of winning at the game. Security is very important thing in casino games so be sure to only play at casinos that are licensed and have the backing of a reputable software company. Look out for seals of approval and displays of security information on the casino’s home page. You may choose a trusted place to play out of the list of most popular establishments, such as online casino UK and Australia. Get the best casino uk welcome bonuses and site reviews at the the best website ever, and mind to visit some online pokies sites. Explore the captivating world of mobile gaming at, where innovation meets convenience, offering an array of thrilling casino games right at your fingertips.

The articles Favbet hrvatska are written by professionals who were trying to throw light on cheating in the gambling industry. You can read about successful and experienced blackjack, poker and even roulette cheaters in both offline and online casinos; various innovative amazing and simply crazy cheating devices that were carefully thought over and designed in attempt to win big money.

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A lot of professional gambles, amateur players and even scientists have been preoccupied with the problem of cheating during playing casino games. That's why people play at top online casinos like euro city casino where high class security software is in place to prevent all types of cheating. The reason is that some of the games are so difficult to win at, that some players do not see other way to win than cheat. Such casino games as slot machines, for example, always draws attention of those, who want to win a lot of money at once. They try to create some ways, which can be used to change the decision of Random Number Generator, which operates the slot machine. Of course, most of the ways used to cheat with slots usually damage gambling machine or just broke it.

The other games, which is one of those, where people cheat most of all is roulette. The matter is that no one can predict the decision of roulette wheel and roulette ball, that is why people try to influence using this casino equipment. In order to cheat roulette in this way it is necessary to cooperate with dealer. These are also other ways to cheat playing roulette and the other games, which use chips for betting – past posting and top hatting. You can learn more about them using our website.

Though it is difficult to cheat at the online casinos, land based casinos used to have a lot of cheaters at their walls. Some of them are world-wide famous due to the methods, they implement while cheating at the games they played. They are famous not only due to these methods, but mostly due to the fact, that these methods helped them to win enormous sums of money. We wish you only the best and highest money prizes during your gambling and hope, that you won't need to cheat playing your favorite casino game! You can find everything you need at best slots club


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How to become a poker cheater

Poker is one of the most complicated card games. It is widely played and famous worldwide. Poker requires deep understanding of the rules and main idea of the game.

Being a poker cheater is not as easy as it may seem. Players have to be extremely careful as any kind of cheating is illegal and is against the law. However, if you want to know more about cheating at poker, read the articles featuring stories of the famous poker cheaters.


Sherri Skoons

Amazing story of the beautiful woman who made a successful "career" in the roulette cheating team.


Joe Classon

Without even considering cheating to be his occupation, Joe Classon had wonderful abilities that let him cheat professionally.

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