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Roulette machines vs Joseph Jagger

In gambling world Monte Carlo is well-known place where several casino roulette cheaters managed to break the bank and gained incredible amounts of money at casinos. One of those men was famous gambler - Joseph Jagger. Actually, he was the first man that became famous due to his talented cheats at roulette.

The revealing of roulette principles

Jagger had much in common with one more well-known roulette cheater, mysterious Charles Wells. They both were English men by birth with one difference that Wells was born in London while Jagger's hometown was Yorkshire. He was born in 1830 and got great knowledge in engineering and mechanics. Thus, once he figured out that slight imperfection in roulette wheel can change the randomness of winning numbers and give certain numbers to come up much more often.

That theory was approved by him and six more people from his circuit who watched over six different wheels at casino to determine the wheel with a tendency to particular numbers.

The 'casino-cheater' competition

Thus, Joseph Jagger was clever enough to use that new knowledge and during next three days made $ 120 000 at the roulette wheel. Such sum was incredibly large at that time and today could be compared to $ 6.000.000.

It was not a big surprise that casino suspected there was something wrong due to what they lost so much money and decided to switch the roulette wheels positions. Jagger didn't know about substitution and began to lose francs playing at his regular place. Very soon he noticed that the scratch on 'his' wheel was absent and guessed what a problem was. He found the wheel he needed at casino and proceeded to win 2 more days.

The casino in its turn decided to change the tactic and rotated the dividers that separated the numbers on wheel with the aim to provoke the appearance of different numbers. That made Jagger powerless and unable to do something. The cheater refused to lose all his money and left the city.

He invested some money in business and property and lived a quite life further. In 1892 Jagger died. Joseph Jagger is considered to be some very distant cousin of the soloist of legendary band Rolling Stones - Mick Jagger.


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