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If you are interested in reading about talented and professional blackjack cheaters, you are highly welcome to read this article. These players did not cheat in any online casino but they managed to win big money playing in land casinos.

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Balls Abramovitz and his collaboration with Richard Marcus

The man who join two important 'links' of greatest scam

One of Abramowitz's contributions is fairly his friendship with both Pat Mallery and Richard Marcus. And of cause the fact he introduced them to each other that provoked the biggest cheating campaign ever. Mark Abramovitz first met Richard Marcus in New Jersey during their studies at poker school. There he got the nickname 'Balls' since he was the most reckless and wild player amongst all who openly pursuit highest scores with no fear. At the age of 21 Balls had much more experience at gambling than all middle aged players.

The team-work

In 1989 the Classon Team that provided the method of Past Posting at casinos broke up and Marcus tried to create a new team. Thus, he took the friends from poker school and made for Las Vegas. Marcus decided that Balls Abramovitz would match the role of roulette claimer as well as blackjack mechanic considering his fearless.

Providing blackjack cheat together with Marcus, Abramovitz several times offered Mallery to join them. Finally when Pat and Richard met and the business of the first failed he decided to start their collaboration.

Blackjack cheat

The 3-member team showed itself in legendary April night of 1994. After the event of Boxing Championship at Caesar Palace they entered a casino and turned out to be the first cheaters who managed to past post $ 5.000 chips. Pat Mallery did the majority of moves at various blackjack tables while Mark Abramovitz played not difficult but an important role of time-asker. They were betting 3 black chips of $ 100 value and switching those to 2 chocolate $ 5,000 valued and 1 black $ 100 chips. Professional movements of Mallery were done unbelievable 151 times with no mistakes! The 'chocolate chip rampage' was the greatest scam the experienced cheater had ever seen.

Cheating at roulette

After the 'chocolate chips' the famous Savannah move at roulette followed. Abramovitz also played an important role during the cheat performance. The cheaters hid the chips of $ 5.000 value under those with a value of $ 5. Depending on the winning or losing situations they considered the bottom chips to be shown to the dealer or not.

The peculiarities of the team's roulette scam could be read in the 'American roulette' book of R. Marcus.

Balls chose the 2003 as the year of retirement, a bit later than Marcus did.


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