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Blackjack cheaters

If you are interested in reading about talented and professional blackjack cheaters, you are highly welcome to read this article. These players did not cheat in any online casino but they managed to win big money playing in land casinos.

Roulette cheaters

It is not easy to be a cheater, but it is even more complicated to be a roulette cheater. Read about gamblers who managed to win using illegal devices and methods in this famous game of chance.

Land-based casino

Land casinos are the oldest betting houses in the gambling industry. They have lots of attractions that are highly appreciated by gamblers all over the world. Read and get to know many unknown facts.

Poker cheaters

Poker is played worldwide. This complicated game of skill attracts more and more players offering big winnings. This caused the appearance of dishonest players wishing to get money illegally. Read carefully.

Online vs Land casino

Are you looking for the best place to gamble? Do not know what casino to choose? This article is definitely for you. Learn about the pros and cons of land and online gaming and decide what is better for you.

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What cheating devices do cheaters prefer?

No more resourcefulness?

Nowadays technology is moving forward with incredible speed and this fact is reflected in all spheres of people's life. By the way land-based casino (let alone online casino!) and those who provide scams there are not exceptions. It means that professional cheaters unlike their predecessors no more use mechanical aids or hand-made gears. They use innovative electronic devices instead. Probably the laziness of people grows as fast as the gadgets develop since cheaters even no more possess a sleight of hands.

Cheating devices


Ken Uston is considered to be a farther of first electronic device aimed on cheating at casino. In the 70s Uston and his brilliant team invented the pocket-sized device for card counting and used it for a while until the government revealed their scam. Later Ken in details described the principles and functions of the device in his books.

BJ Pro

First of all most of the devices are used to cheat at games where the cards involved, e.g. blackjack cheat. The BJ pro cheating gadget also called Blackjack Pro 2021 implies a thing small enough to hide it in the pocket which helps to count cards during the game. Various options allow customizing it according to the rules of Atlantic City, Europe and Vegas.

CV Shuffle

CV S is a well-known at casinos device that not only able to count cards but also to note the position of large and small cards in a deck and what is the most important - it is possible to predict the position of cards in a further shoe.

Sector Targeting

The gadget is widely used at roulette cheat. It implies a small electronic device that can easily determine a sector in which the ball is going to land on the wheel. The accuracy of determination is not quite great but the probability is high enough to hope for the best.


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