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If you are interested in reading about talented and professional blackjack cheaters, you are highly welcome to read this article. These players did not cheat in any online casino but they managed to win big money playing in land casinos.

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It is not easy to be a cheater, but it is even more complicated to be a roulette cheater. Read about gamblers who managed to win using illegal devices and methods in this famous game of chance.

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Land casinos are the oldest betting houses in the gambling industry. They have lots of attractions that are highly appreciated by gamblers all over the world. Read and get to know many unknown facts.

Poker cheaters

Poker is played worldwide. This complicated game of skill attracts more and more players offering big winnings. This caused the appearance of dishonest players wishing to get money illegally. Read carefully.

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Are you looking for the best place to gamble? Do not know what casino to choose? This article is definitely for you. Learn about the pros and cons of land and online gaming and decide what is better for you.

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Beat The Dealer

In 1962, an American Mathematics Professor by the name of Edward O. Thorp, wrote a book called Beat The Dealer. It was a book that will find it’s way into any gambling hall of fame. It changed the game of Blackjack forever, as Thorp described, for the very first time, how mathematics could prove that the game of Blackjack could be beaten. It was the first-time, in print, that the world got to see the possibilities of the house edge being blunted by the sword of the professional card counter.

The online casino book was such a phenomenal success that it made the New York Times bestseller list. A feat that is rare for books that belong to a specific niche as Beat the Dealer quite obviously did. It is believed that the book has sold over one million copies and is the card-counting bible.

Thorp used an IBM computer, known as the IBM 704, whilst simultaneously scrutinising the Kelly Criterion, during the period of time leading up to the completion of the book. The Kelly Criterion was a piece of work created in the 1950s by J. L. Kelly Jr. that used a formula to determine the optimal bet sizing’s based on probability theory.

When Thorp was convinced that his theory was sound he ventured into the casinos around Reno, Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas with the help of a professional gambler called Manny Kimmel. Thorp’s work became an instant hit. So much so that he was soon barred from most gambling establishments and had to resort to a series of disguises in order to continue playing. Beat the Dealer was released not long after this period of time.


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